Allianz 222 Independent Review | Fixed Index Annuity

Allianz 222 Independent Review | Fixed Index Annuity

If you have found yourself reading this, it is because you are in fact looking for an annuity, or maybe just looking for some annuity education. Well you my friend are in luck, because I am going to tell you a bit about the Allianz 222 fixed index annuity.

First of all, Allianz Life Insurance Company has received some of the highest financial strength ratings available from Standard & Poor’s, A.M. Best, and Moody’s. These high ratings essentially reflect the stability of the company.

Now, the Allianz 222 annuity is only available for sale by producers authorized under the Allianz preferred platform. Meaning, a brand new adviser off the street must have some credibility and history with Allianz before selling this annuity.

Like most fixed index annuities, the Allianz 222 offers a guaranteed “fixed” interest rate, as well as the upside potential of the market or “index” with no possible downside of the market or “index.” This type of annuity is considered “moderately conservative.” Now this annuity has caps, rates and spreads that vary per indices. For more specific information on these, post a comment in the comments below or feel free to e-mail me.

One of the most valuable features of this fixed indexed annuity, in my opinion, is the annual reset.  It is the ability to lock in your gains at the end of every year. Some other annuity products call it the step-up feature.

What the 222 allows you to do is to get pay raises on your income for LIFE based on the index return. Most of the lifetime income riders for FIA’s give you the same payout for life after you turn the rider on, but this annuity will allow you to increase your payout, essentially keeping up with inflation.

Included in this product is the Allianz Income Multiplier Benefit. Heaven forbid your significant other doesn’t want to put up with you anymore (if you have one, or maybe your kids are tired of you), and you are put into a nursing facility, the 222 allows you to DOUBLE your annual maximum withdrawal income to pay for said expenses.

I know most annuities offer a bonus on the initial premium to put your money in their company, but this product does feature a 15% BONUS on your premiums received for the first 3 years. Although to qualify for this particular annuity, your initial premiums must equal $20,000. But say for instance you put in $100,000, after the bonus you would have $115,000. It’s almost as if it’s free money. Yay for free money! And more with the bonuses…. If your Income Value earns any interest from the index allocated, you receive another 50% bonus on your interest.

Now the subject no one likes to read or talk about…. What happens to your money when you (well for lack of a better word) die, that is if you aren’t able to take it with you? Well, now that your gone your beneficiaries get to choose how they want to take your hard earned money. #1) They can elect to take the guaranteed minimum value as a lump sum or can take it as annuity payments over at least 5 years.  OR #2) They can take the Protected Income Value as annuity payments over at least 5 years.

So let’s recap:

  • 15% bonus on premiums for first 3 years (Free money)
  • Move into a nursing home (Double your Income)
  • Pay raises for life (Follows the index performance)

Well, hopefully I have helped you out in a small way and leave you more knowledgeable about this product than you were before. Just a reminder, every annuity fits each person differently and you should go with an annuity product that would best suit YOUR personal needs. Until next time, I’ll be on a quest searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

If you have any questions or thoughts please let me know in the comments below.



  1. It sounds wonderful, as all things do when only the positives are reported. C’mon man, be objective.

  2. 3 questions: 1) are you locked into the indexing method originally chosen when you opened the annuity or can you change annually between the fixed rate, cap or spread options?
    2) How is the spread determined? I have been quoted a spread of 2.9 if I open the annuity now. I am concerned that the spread will be increased to the point that my return is next to nothing and I’ll be tied in the a 10 year surrender period.
    3) The Barclay US Dynamic Balance Index is less than a year old and their historical history is all hypothetical since the index did not exist prior to Aug 2013. How accurate is the historical history and which shows an annualized return of $5.99% from 2003-2013 since it is hypothetical?

    • Melissa,
      These are all very good questions. The answers are as follows:

      1)You are not locked into the index of your choosing past 1 year. Every policy anniversary date, the client can change to any of the index choices for the following year. Of course, caps, spreads, and fixed rates could vary year over year.

      2)Allianz determines the spread as it navigates the economic climate. To protect itself, Allianz is not contractually obligated to keep the spread the same, but history shows it’s highly unlikely the spread is raised on existing policy holders. There’s data to prove that.

      Additionally, there are market-driven reasons why Allianz might raise the spread on new contracts but existing clients stay “as is”. These can probably be explained much better over the phone with one of our trusted partners.

      3)Finally, the Barclays US Dynamic Index has existed since 1989. The historical data is factual, not hypothetical. The illustrations are hypothetical as it refers to future returns. There’s obviously no way to know what those will be.


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